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Sunday20 May 2018

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Norman Epstein

Greeting Dr. Norman Epstein at Sunday Brunch. CHML Class of 1966.

The spouted bed technique for mobilizing coarse solid particles by means of an upwardly directed gas jet centrally located at the bottom of the bed of solids has been the subject of various investigations.

One study involved the development of a multi-dimensional mathematical model of a cylindrical spouted bed which, unlike previous models, takes into account both the central spout and the surrounding annulus, and employs no adjustable parameters.

UBC Engineering Excellence Celebration 2011.

A second computational study involved the elaboration of a rational method for accurately predicting the performance of a deep, batch or continuous, spouted bed grain dryer, again without using any adjustable parameters.

A third study, experimentally based, was devoted to measuring the flow regime and related characteristics of spouted beds operating at increasingly elevated temperatures, approaching those used for gasification or combustion. An attempt is now being made to arrive at an equation for minimum spouting which is valid over all conditions heretofore covered.

Greeting Dr. Norman Epstein at Sunday Brunch.

Another major area of investigation has been that of isothermal and non-isothermal surface fouling. Isothermal deposition of negatively charged micrometer-size particles from an aqueous suspension in turbulent flow parallel to a positively charged smooth wall has been studied, along with re-entrainment of these colloidal particles.

Dr. Norman Epstein UBC Professor Emeritus.

The process was recorded microscopically, the images transferred to a PC and a VCR, and image-processing techniques used to count deposited particles, their deposition rates and their re-entrainment rates. This study has generated more fundamental information with respect to particulate fouling than has hitherto been obtained. Non-isothermal wax fouling of cold heat transfer surfaces has also been studied experimentally, motivated by the fact that industrial dewaxing throughputs are often limited by reduced cooling rates as wax progressively deposits on chiller surfaces. Other collaborative projects well under way include regime studies on three-phase fluidization, sludge drying in a spouted bed of inert particles, modelling of the attachment process in heat exchanger fouling and experimental testing thereof.


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