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Sunday20 May 2018

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prof. Tadeusz Majewski

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Tadeusz Majewski is a Titular Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Mexico since August 1997. He teaches a wide variety of mechanical engineering courses and advises graduation thesis to students of the last year. Earlier he worked in Warsaw University of Technology.

He graduated Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering in Warsaw University of Technology, started to work in Mechatronics Faculty and obtained Ph.D. degree at the Warsaw Technical University and Doctor in Science degree at the Technical University of Poznan. Recognized as a high-experienced professor, he holds positions as Professor in the Mechatronics Faculty and Head of the Vibrations Laboratory at the Warsaw Technical University; Visiting Professor at the University of Cincinnati, Texas A&M University USA, Kassel University in Germany; Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Mexico.

He participate regularly in multiple conferences and congresses in Mexico and internationally and has presented over one hundred papers; he has published four books, more than thirty articles in major international journals; he has Supervised many MSc and PhD diploma projects; he has five patents approved and has participated in twenty eight major research projects commissions with various industrial private corporations as well as with the Polish Government.

He is Editor for some international journals as the Journal of Sound and Vibration, Mechanism and Machine Theory and also for international congresses. Currently he is Director of the International Engineering Journal Society and Executive Editor of the International Engineering Journal.

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