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Sunday22 April 2018

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Student outlet!

Student Outlet

If you are ready to get the word out about your used textbooks, one of the steps that you need to do is to select the right media where you will advertise and promote your textbooks.

While there are a number of venues where you can promote your sale, you need to ask three important questions:

    • Where are my target buyers?
    • What is the best medium to reach them?
    • Can I afford to launch an effective campaign using this medium?

An important step to developing your sales and marketing plan is to select the right media to studentsend out your message. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to which media is better. The right media for one business may be wrong for another. For you that want to sale your used textbooks IENGJ ~ STUDENT OUTLET brings your textbooks to an international student audience, including your school that is anxious of finding textbooks for their next term at a price much better than the one offered in educational institutions. So don't think anymore and place your ad here!

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Hackers, Hackers God Bless Them!

Hackers can use your .htaccess to redirect to malicious sites from your URL. Look in the base folder for your site, not just your blog's folder. Hackers will try to hide their code at the bottom of the file, so scroll down. They may also change the permissions of the .htaccess file to stop newbies from editing the file.


 Hackers, hackers God bless them!



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